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Security is very important on the Internet, and once you have registered at an online casino, you need to make sure that your data and credit do not fall into the wrong hands.

Although most online casinos are reliable and recognized as such by review sites, one should always remain cautious and take precautions when it comes to playing with one’s money.

Scams you won’t find at a safe online casino

It is best to choose one of the best safe online casinos on the market to avoid online scams as much as possible. However, apart from that, you should know what kind of scams you can come across. 

  • Data theft: a very common scam among unreliable casinos. Fortunately, thanks to 128-bit SSL encryption of personal and banking data, you can rest assured that your data will be protected at the safe online casino you choose. 
  • Overly complicated wagering or withdrawal conditions: Also very common at unreliable casinos, when the wagering or withdrawal conditions seem overly complicated and unrealistic, run away!
  • Fake gambling software: gambling, including online and crash gambling Canada, uses RNG, which is an integral part of proven casino software. Thanks to the licensing of the game and the use of a random number generator algorithm, you will never encounter fake game results.

The Bill C-51 – a threat to personal data?

In 2017, in Canada, something happened that completely contradicts modern requirements for protecting personal data.

The Canadian government passed Bill C-51. This bill limits the oversight and accountability of CSIS. The public opposed this law because it could actually lead to a violation of the protection of citizens’ privacy and personal rights.

Bill C-51 is about confidential information that could reveal everything from your financial situation to your medical history, sexual orientation and even your religious and political beliefs.

The online casino business has also suffered from this measure on national grounds, although the measure was foreseen in advance. First of all, the gambling license issued to safe online casinos is mainly aimed at ensuring complete anonymity of users when they use games and other tools on an authorized platform.

In addition to licenses, there are many other methods of protection, which are now the standard for online casinos. All of them guarantee the safety of using such sites.

Encryption of banking data in online casinos

The preservation of player data by casinos on the Canadian network also involves the encryption of bank details, whether it is account numbers, passwords, or even transaction history. To do this, the brands do not hesitate to use the latest generation tools. For example, one of the most common security protocols used on real money gaming platforms in Canada is 128-bit SSL encryption.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This encryption protocol allows for the secure transfer of data via the Internet browser to the third-party server. SSL encryption is synonymous with a secure connection. Once you’ve earned your online casino wins and want to make another deposit or withdrawal, make sure the pages that direct you to the payment are SSL encrypted (it’s usually indicated by a small icon in front of the URL).

If the address bar of a Web page shows ‘https‘, you can be sure that cheating or tampering is impossible or at least very difficult.

Both old and new online casinos attach great importance to equipping their websites with firewalls and good SSL encryption.

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This certificate is mandatory on all sites that include money transactions and operate on national soil. With the proven encryption of the data, players can deposit money safely. There is another software that can also be stipulated in the security concepts of internet casinos, that is RSA encryption. But this is much less effective, especially for use and banking transactions on smartphones.

And as you know, mobile data is probably the most vulnerable for users. Simply downloading the wrong application, going to the wrong website, or even a hidden file slipping into your phone can lead to your data being hacked or found online and sold directly.

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Verification and Privacy in Online Casinos

Once you sign up to the various platforms, one of the processes we are used to is asking for documents to verify your identity. Whatever it is (ID card, driver’s license, passport) and is also known as KYC (Know-Your-Customer): online casinos check the identity of your customers and stop payments if these data do not match. Again, SSL encryption is employed, and a whole team of IT experts is in action. By the way, once your identity has been successfully verified, your data will be deleted.

Data portfolios for users

The concept of data wallets is rather avant-garde. The idea is to allow each person to keep their data on them, with a whole security protocol, firewalls, etc. Without specific permissions, no other person will be able to access that data, and for added security, the wallet can lock if the owner is in danger.

This technology trend doesn’t make as many waves as those specified above, but it does present an incredible level of security. Your personal or bank data and any other sensitive information would literally be at your fingertips.

Random number generators for gambling games

A virtual technology, the Random Number Generator (RNG), produces random numbers. It is the clever combination of various computer programs with powerful and ingenious mathematical algorithms that create the game’s randomness.

And, for the proper functioning of an online gambling site, randomness is paramount because it offers equal opportunity to different players. Winning money and even the jackpot is, therefore, possible for all players.

Random numbers on a concrete slab

If, however, RNGs produce sequences of numbers that can be predicted, it means that some players would know in advance how to play to win, which is, of course, totally contrary to the very principle of games of chance.

A reputable online casino will always communicate clearly and transparently about the type of RNG used. It will also display the results of its system testing by independent inspectors.

Is it easy to determine whether or not the casino you’re playing on is safe? It should be, and this is where everything we described above comes in. Before playing at any online casino, you should make sure that the casino has secured a gaming licence and standard data protection methods – after all, this is one of the best ways to know whether an online casino is safe to play on.

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