What Canadians think about Anti-terrorism Act

If you want an answer in one line then it is simple. Canadians want the Bill C 51 to be repealed as soon as possible. There are many issues which are related to the Bill C 51 and therefore it is very important that in relation to the questions the issues of Bill C 51 are also discussed. The main thing that is to be noted in this regard is the fact that there is a very narrow line between rights of the citizens and the powers which are granted to the security and intelligence agencies. The Public Safety Canada started an online poll back in 2015 right after the Bill C 51 was passed by the Canadian Parliament. There were numerous responses received in this regard. Majority of the responses said that the Bill C 51 is illegal and therefore it must be declared null and void. The majority of the Canadian impressed their concern over the bill. According to the agency, the response was overwhelming. (more…)