Why is RNG essential for online casinos?

Numbers and symbols

RNGs are essential to the operation of any online casino. Thanks to RNGs, the potential winnings in virtual games are distributed randomly, mimicking the effect of chance in land-based casino games.

The effect of RNG on games: Slots

When it comes to online slot machines, it is important to know that RNG programs are used in all games. Slot machine providers make sure that all their games are fair and offer the same chances of winning and losing to all players, thanks to the randomness principle made possible by random number generators. With RNG in slot machines, everyone has the same chance of hitting the jackpot in a slot machine by simply pressing the “spin” button.

RNG and table games

It seems easy to understand how RNG works in slot machines. But what about online table games? Indeed, the idea of applying RNG to card and dice-based games may seem confusing. But, in reality, it’s exactly the same principle that applies here as it does to slot machines. Whether it’s receiving new cards or rolling a ball or virtual dice, the random number generator will produce a series of random numbers. Thus, each outcome of an action taken in one of these games will depend on the random number produced by the RNG.

Techniques such as card counting will not help you in automatic online table games!

The exception to RNG – live casino

Of course, live casino games do not use RNG programs. Instead, just as in land-based casinos, live casino games are played by a dealer filmed in real-time.

The dealer is the only one who runs the table games, so he is the one who will shuffle, sort and deal the cards, and he is the one who will roll the dice and spin the roulette wheel. Therefore, it is impossible to cheat the dealer, who is a professional, to ensure random results and a fair game for everyone.