Why do Liberals support Bill C 51?

The Bill C 51 was made law in Canada in 2015. At that time the liberals were in the opposition and therefore it is important that their stance is judged. At that time the liberals made sure that the general public is pacified as there was a huge uproar about the bill. The liberals at that time promised that the bill will be amended. But they did not come up to their words. Now the liberals are in power and they are applying some of the points of Bill C 51 to safeguard not only Canada but their own interests. The fact of the matter is that there is the lot that has been done as per this bill. It is almost impossible to halt all the investigations which have been started using the powers of this bill. It is now up to the government to decide which parts of the Bill C 51 should be enforced to safeguard the Canadian society. They must also decide that which parts they are going to dump to make common Canadians happy. (more…)