Canadian Bill C 51: salient features you should know about

The Bill C 51 is a law in Canada that hampers various features which makes a society civilized. The bill is mainly controversial for the rights and powers it grants to the RCMP and CSIS. From Amnesty International to Human Rights Watch every organization is of the view that there are already anti-terrorism laws implemented in Canada. There is no need of separate bill to be implemented in this regard. It is for the same reason that Bill C 51 was very much scrutinized before it was made a law. The human rights organizations in Canada are not satisfied even after this. Keeping mass criticism aside the Canadian government has made the controversial Bill C 51 a law. The RCMP and CSIS now enjoy greater control over the info of common Canadian which is again not good for the Canadian society. Bill C 51 has several features added to it. Some of the most important ones are listed as under. (more…)

Main controversies surrounding Bill C 51

Bill C 51 is also known as Anti-Terror bill 101 and is a constant subject of debate all over Canada. There are numerous issues which are surrounding the bill and for the same reason, a common Canadian is not ready to accept it wholeheartedly. There are many issues with the bill but before we delve deep into the subject it is very important to understand what Bill C 51 really is? What it stands for? And why the conservatives are so eager to add this bill to their political portfolio. The most important point to understand in this regard is that the scope of anti-terrorist acts is very broad in Canada. (more…)