Online casinos and beyond: what are the new cybersecurity challenges?

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What are the current needs and emergencies affecting the gaming world in terms of cyber security? Cyber security experts shed light on the situation, stressing the importance of modern digital technologies in the world of gaming.

If initially, you could only play in special centers, now, thanks to technology, you can do it from the comfort of your home or your mobile device through special online sites and applications. The operation of the most popular platforms in Canada, such as the best secure online casinos, is based on complex digital technologies that regulate gaming sessions, the introduction of personal data and numerous economic transactions.

Therefore, like all modern digital systems, gaming platforms need protection and adequate defence in order to avoid information theft and fraud. The presence of any vulnerabilities within them could allow cybercrime to create disparities between competitors or alter the results of victories. That’s why it’s important to ensure, for the digital security of players, that these systems are periodically verified through special penetration testing services and that they undergo regular audits in order to reduce the likelihood of attacks and cyber fraud.

Covid-19 has moved work from offices to homes. As a result, many enterprise systems today find themselves operating in environments for which they were neither designed nor intended: the home network. In it, you can rarely find protection systems such as perimeter proxy, next-generation firewall, intrusion identification systems, a sandbox for the automatic detonation of malware, DNS defence and advanced Edr tools.

Instead, however, you can find home routers, probably not patched, and applications that, through a VPN, bypass the company perimeter systems allow the worker to use internal systems of his organization without effort to enable new attack scenarios. At the same time, IT security consultants have seen a significant increase in double extortion attacks. They have experienced a much wider perimeter to defend than before, finding themselves operating in hybrid environments (domestic and corporate) and with little structure.

Attacking is much easier than defending. For this reason, the challenges on digital defence are very complex: they start from new technologies and arrive up to the education of the users themselves, in a wide spectrum that involves and interweaves psyche and technology.

How to protect oneself, then? Of course, there is no such thing as 100% security. Still, important steps forward have been taken: at the legislative level, with certifications, recommendations and management reporting bodies, and at the social level, asking certain questions in order to identify and eliminate any anomalies and make digital a safer place for everyone.