About Us and Our Project

With online casinos becoming more popular each year, there are now many security issues that need to be explored before people will trust them. When you are looking to secure your systems or data, there are many considerations.

We’ve learnt the security issues of online casinos and found the best ways to avoid them!

So this project is important because it not only helps those who want to use online casinos; it also helps protect and keep legitimate businesses in good standing.

We have a team of the best cybersecurity experts and blockchain experts who have many years of experience in this field and remain up-to-date with all new technologies for protecting personal data.

Our Experts

In addition, we try to monitor changes in the world of gambling at the legislative level.

Roderick Hegmann

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[email protected]

With 23 years of experience in the IT industry, Roderick is a core member of the team and a cybersecurity expert. He has provided training, threat assessments, and other services across the globe to high-profile clients. In addition, he has been responsible for protecting the companies’ most valuable assets.

Dillan Kuhn

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[email protected]

Dillan Kuhn is known globally as a cybersecurity expert and has been writing about cybercrime since the 2010s. He’s an expert on malware attacks, social networking scams, phishing attacks and Internet fraud. He’s a respected voice in digital security, serves as technical advisor for the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

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Aryanna Hansen (@AryannaHansen)

Aryanna, a former senior leader at McAfee, has spent over 15 years in cybersecurity risk management with the company, where she served as a security strategist. Her work focuses on the intersection of tech, psychology and cybersecurity.